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2024 Forecast: 3 Key Ways AI Will Shape The Year

In the rapidly developing field of AI, 2024 promises to be the year AI moves from an exciting add-on to an essential element of a business’s strategy. Successful companies will only earn their customers’ trust by deploying AI on a macro level so that it’s fully embedded into the ethics and DNA of the company.

Proprietary Data: A Game-Changer

Last year, companies with high levels of proprietary data took a cautious approach, tending to be reluctant to fully leverage the vast amounts of data at their disposal. However, in 2024 I expect the tables to turn, with companies starting to capitalise on the value of proprietary data without compromising on privacy, governance, and security – creating huge business opportunities.

Companies leveraging exclusive datasets will be able to gain a competitive edge, unlocking unique insights to drive operational efficiency and improve user experience. Furthermore, there will be monetization opportunities, turning proprietary data into a valuable asset that generates revenue.

Accordingly, we can also expect a growing emphasis this year on developing AI models that can extract valuable insights without infringing on ethical boundaries. This shift will not only redefine business strategies but be a key part of the evolving discussion over the ethics of AI and how it should be regulated.

Personal AI Assistants: The New Normal

The integration of AI into our daily lives is set to reach new heights in 2024.

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