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VSNRY In The News: I had the pleasure of interviewing Charlotte Bloom, Founder and CEO of VSNRY; a millennial management consultancy.

Female Disruptor: VSNRY Inc's CEO and President, Charlotte Mary Bloom

Thank you so much for doing this with us! What is your “backstory”?

I have always had a strong desire to run a business that changes the world in some way, but for a long time I haven’t known where to focus. Born and raised in London, I began my career specializing in mergers, acquisitions and financial restructuring at Lazard, a top tier $7 billion investment bank in England, as one of the only women in the boardroom.

Before moving into the consulting world, I tried and failed to build a startup similar to Groupon before they existed. While I had spotted the gap in the market and had the right vision, I didn’t yet have the experience of how to grow a business. So I launched into management consulting and became a Group Strategy Manager for the largest energy company in the U.K. to help them achieve organic and strategic growth, during which their share price increased by 70%...

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