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Updated: Jan 11, 2019

VSNRY In The News: Expanding your business? Here are a few ways to help you find the money you need.

Stories abound about the excitement and fear that surrounds startup investment pitches. Entrepreneurs often wrack their brains on best opening lines for meetings, the most effective slides to introduce business ideas and fret over the dreaded eye-gloss during minute two of their presentations.

But what happens when entrepreneurs start companies, run them for a few years and then want to ask investors for expansion funding? For most business owners, these investment conversations are very different from the ones when companies were just ideas. These companies have customers, employees, possibly multiple offices and—in many cases—stories that don't always cast a favorable light.

“Medium-sized companies aren't starting from a blank slate; they come into those meetings with baggage," says Charlotte Brown, CEO of Adelie Ventures, a growth strategy consulting firm with offices in Honolulu, Chicago and London, adding that baggage can come in the form of a failed product attempt, debt, fallout from bad press and so on. “Oftentimes, these entrepreneurs are asking for investment so they can pivot into a new area or recover from some troubles. This causes some of them to go into meetings with a little less confidence than when they were starting out."...

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